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Contact List

WidgetWeb: Contact Manager

WidgetWeb's sophisticated contacts management application gives you a powerful and efficient way to store all of your business and personal contacts in one place.

Share Info, Share Yourself

Contacts lets you easily share groups or individual contacts with co-workers or other associates using the industry-standard vCard format. Share all or just selected portions of your own contact information via vCard. You can even distribute the URL for your Calendar free/busy data, so non-WidgetWeb users can see your availability as well. WidgetWeb's Contacts can even serve as your company's directory






Import and Export ContactsUpload Photos, Create Custom Fields, and Record Notes

You can create robust contact profiles using WidgetWeb's Contacts application, including uploaded contact photographs, unlimited custom fields, and detailed notes. All contact notes are automatically date and time stamped, and can be classified as "phone call", "meeting", or "to-do". You can define and schedule follow-up tasks right then and there, making WidgetWeb's Contacts an excellent entry-level Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Contact SearchOrganize Contacts in a Way That Makes Most Sense to You

Contacts can be easily sorted into custom-named groups, and a powerful search utility makes finding the right contacts a snap when the use of groups alone isn't enough.

Easy Import, Easy Export

You can easily import up to 5,000 contacts at a time from ACT!, Outlook, Outlook Express, Goldmine, or any other source of text delimited (CSV) contact files. Your contacts can be exported easily as well, in either CSV or vCard format.



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